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January, 2019

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The expansion of Canada’s Express Entry system in the coming years

The express entry to Canada in the year 2018 was great, and it has been expected that it will be greater in 2019. Further, 2020 is promising enough to expand to create a new ITA record.

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Now, coming to what is an express entry into Canada?

The express entry is a process that pools candidates for Canada’s three Federal High Skilled immigration programs. Every year around 89,900 invitations are recorded, so there is a lot of competition out there. For maximizing the chances of you getting selected, you must consult an immigration lawyer in Toronto.

The best immigration lawyer in Toronto will help you out with the proper procedure. As every year there has been an increase in the application proper guidance is needed to maximize your application to be selected.

Canada offers multi-year immigration level plans and is targeted through three different programs, namely.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

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Every year there is an increase of about 5000, hence, you see the need to select a right immigration lawyer in Toronto, who is well experienced and can guide you throughout the process. Also, due to which the ITA is likely to be increased.

Now, the major question about 2019 is will it be more draws or bigger draws?

If the Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Refugees and, Refugees are to issue more than the previous years that means it would need to expand the draws and make it more frequent. The usual draw pattern is earlier it started as 750 ITAs at the beginning of the year and later there were of 250 or 500 ITAs in the interval of two to three years, the peak size of 3,900 ITAs. The draws are stable between September 5 and the draw ends roughly on December 19. An immigration lawyer in Toronto will give you a piece of detailed information.

It has been seen that at the last draw of the year on December 19, the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score got reduced to 439 from 445. The score of 439 was the lowest recorded score of 2018. The experts predict that there might be a chance of that getting reduced.

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According to the immigration lawyer in Mississauga, the target of 2020 has been increased and IRCC may hold the draw two-weeks apart on a regular basis in the year 2019. The provincial nomination programs are supposed to see a growth in 2019 due to the rising number of candidates. There are two territories and Nine Canadian provinces that participate in the PNPs. These provinces nominate a few economic immigrants for Canadian permanent residence every year. The Express Entry system is used to nominate candidates in these, an immigration lawyer in Toronto will give you detailed information and guide you through the process. Like the express entry, the PNPs also saw a rise in a number of candidates through the years. It has been roughly predicted to increase by 30% in the year 2021.