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February, 2019

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Check out the Possibilities When Impaired Driving can be Merciful in Personal Injury Cases

Impaired driving is no less than a criminal offense in Canada. A lot of people every year get caught under impaired driving, resulting in various types of suspensions and the victims receiving personal injuries due to car accidents. The fundamental of this particular crime is that a person should not be on the wheels while being impaired by drug or alcohol. The criminal lawyer in Toronto quite often deals with such cases rendering lenient solutions.

However, there had been certain circumstances, when the individuals are convicted of impaired driving got released on proper ground. Earlier this process was known as getting a pardon, but now with the new rules in vogue, it is known as a record suspension. The entire procedure is worthwhile as the conviction is set aside. Any estimable criminal lawyer in Toronto usually recommends people to apply for this process.

For those who are intrigued to know about the details of this program, read on:

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  • Criminal Record

In Canada, impaired driving along with driving over 80 mgs/100ml is entitled to a criminal offense. People who are convicted usually end up paying a fine. However, this provides a negative impression which in the future might hamper their career. This is because maximum employers check the background record before hiring a resource. Furthermore, the alleged people may also face difficulty while crossing the border with such a history. Considering this situation, a professional criminal lawyer in Toronto can help their clients apply for a record suspension.

  • Approval of Record Suspension

Individuals need to meet certain criteria to qualify for a record suspension. The first condition is that they have to serve their sentence without any halt. This typically consists of paying fines, compensation, surcharges, and parole to name a few.

The second one is that they have to wait for a certain period of time after serving the sentence. People who are accused of offensive conviction may have to wait for 5 years, whereas the ones with indictable offense conviction must wait for 10 years. These offenses are generally prosecuted summarily unless and until there’s any bodily harm or death.

The last one is based on the criminal’s behavior through this tenure. People who don’t obtain any more criminal charges or even outstanding fees are right away eligible for this process. However, if someone is arraigned for more than 3 offenses with a prison sentence for 2 years, he will be longer allowed for a record suspension.

  • Application Process

This is an important process and thus, people are advised to take the aid of a reputable criminal lawyer in Toronto. The lawyers can help people to determine their eligibility to get hold of pardons. This, in turn, helps in accelerating the process of application and approval respectively. Moreover, the Government of Canada has provided a resourceful website for rendering complete assistance throughout this process.

So, hiring a lawyer is the best bet people can opt to do away with all the headaches. With utmost professionalism and meticulous approach, a lawyer can resolve the ugliest cases of impaired driving effortlessly. If you have been injured in a car accident you should consult a personal injury lawyer in Toronto to get legal representation.