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May, 2019

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Parental Sponsorship in Canada: Complete Guide

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Permanent Residents in Canada and Canadian citizens can sponsor their grandparents and parents to live with them in Canada.  With the permanent resident status, sponsored grandparents and parents can live in Canada for an indefinite period, and also they can work, study if they want to pursue, and get access to social services like medical care, etc.  A sponsorship for parents or grandparents application is a two-step process where the sponsor should be approved by the Canadian applies, and then once they accept the application, the foreign grandparents or parents can apply for permanent residence on these fundamentals. The required basics of this program are as follows:

Income Prerequisite:  The Canadian sponsor must show income minimum of 30% above the low-income cut-off level (LICO) to meet the minimum required income prerequisite compulsorily.  The required income amount is based on complete family size, including the Canadian sponsor, his/her immediate dependents, and the members in the family being sponsored, including every dependent that they have.  A parental sponsorship lawyer Canada can you successfully file the application and clear all your doubts.

parental sponsorship lawyer Canada

Income prerequisites are for 3-years: The sponsor has to prove that they have met the minimum required income prerequisites for the past 3-years.

Notice of Estimation(s) is the only Proof of Income:  To prove that, the sponsor may use their income –tax returns as investigation report evidence because the immigration jurisdiction will not believe other proof of income.

Twenty-year Sponsorship: The Canadian sponsor has to take the financial responsibility and he/she should agree for the responsibility for their grandparents or parent for a period of twenty years.

Ten-thousand application limit: The Canadian immigration authorities accept only 10,000 applications per year. This process starts in January every year and after the category is filled, then it will be closed until next year. Parental sponsorship lawyer Canada can you help you successfully file your application.

If the Canadian sponsor is accepted, then they will process the parental sponsorship application at the visa office or immigration office in Canada. The usual processing time is around one year.  Once the department approves the application, then the foreign parents will get the permanent resident visas that allow them to travel to Canada, and they will be considered as permanent residents once they enter into the Canada country.


Super Visas for Grandparent and Parents: The common rule of the CIA (Canadian Immigration Authorities) is not to give visitor visas to family members.  An exemption to this rule is the Super Visa for grandparents and parent of Canadian permanent residents or citizens. The Super Visa is a kind of visitor visa that permits parents/grandparents to visit Canada and stay up to two years once they enter the country.  They are generally ten-year multi-entry visas.  To meet the criteria of super visa, the Canadian grandchild or child must prove that they have enough income to support the visit, and parents/grandparents who are visiting the country must get private medical insurance.

Other Restrictions:

Like any other immigration applications, sponsored immigrants must also pass security checks, criminal record checks, and medical tests to make sure that they are not prohibited. A Canadian sponsor must also meet up different criteria, including that they have enough income, not bankrupt, or gathering social assistance, haven’t been found guilty of certain crimes, and they are not in evasion of an earlier sponsorship. Parental sponsorship lawyer Canada can you help overcome those odds and get your application successfully approved. Read more about sponsorship news here!