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Accident Victim

Accident Victim or MVA Professional?

Help us Rate Auto Insurance Companies

Auto Insurance Surveys

Since auto insurance is mandatory in Ontario, information on how these companies rank should be made available. We have created two surveys to collect this information:

1. From accident victims who have gone through the claims process (Deadline October 1).

2. From professionals specializing in motor vehicle accident (MVA) related legal, medical and rehab work (Deadline September 1).

We will then release survey results. Your participation is much appreciated.

Click below buttons for the appropriate survey. Please email for feedback, questions or comments.
Accident Benefit Coalition

Did you know that OHIP does not cover your medical or rehabilitation expenses if you’re in a car accident? Accident benefits (which are available through your car insurance and are regulated by the Ontario Government) cover these costs but the Ontario Government wants to slash this amount by 50% even though car insurance companies are making record breaking profits. A York University study showed that insurance companies in Ontario overbilled drivers $3-4 billion from 2001-2013 and $840 million in 2013. Click here for the study.

Thanks to everyone who came to the #rally4accidentbenefits. Pictures can be seen on our events page.

For more information or to register for the Accident Benefit Coalition (ABC), click here.

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For more information about Accident Benefit changes, please see the following documents from the Ontario Rehab Alliance:
Summary of Changes since 1996
Information on Budget Changes

Who we are: NeuroConnect began because of a personal experience with brain injury. Sarah Palmer founded NeuroConnect as a community magazine after her grandfather, Maynard, sustained a brain injury in a car accident. Not knowing what to do, her grandmother retained their business lawyer who did not know about accident benefits. Because of the lack of proper representation, Maynard did not receive any rehabilitation benefits. Instead of getting better (or “rehabilitating”), Maynard’s health declined and he developed Alzheimer’s disease which, according to his doctor, resulted from the brain injury. Because of this personal experience, Sarah knows the importance of rehabilitation and accident benefits as well how this all can impact a family. Sarah is passionate in advocating for Ontario’s future accident victims. Sarah started the “Stop Reducing Accident Benefits” Petition after learning about the proposed reduction in accident benefits.